What the Alvarado v. DART Decision Means for California Employees

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In an important case regarding hourly wages and calculation of bonuses, a California court ruled that employers should not incorporate non-overtime hours into the equation when determining what flat-rate attendance bonuses should be. The defendant in this case, DART Container Corp., was accused of unfairly reducing the hourly value of plaintiff Alvarado’s bonus, and bonuses for other workers taking weekend shifts.

Real-World Implications for Workers in California

For California employers who offer flat sum bonuses for employees, this case is a reminder to make sure that your practices are in line with state and federal wage laws. For California workers receiving flat sum bonuses, the results of this case demonstrate that the current wage and overtime regulations are on your side, and it is possible to hold your employer accountable if they are not compensating you appropriately. If you suspect your employer has been withholding money that you have earned or unfairly shaving money off your earned bonuses, you may need to secure legal representation.

Our Los Angeles Employment Lawyers Can Help Resolve Your Wage & Hour Dispute

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