Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents in Los Angeles

About every 18 years, the average person will be involved in a car accident. As it is not part of our daily routines, you will likely need answers to your numerous questions if you are a victim. We want to provide you with guidance on how to effectively navigate your car accident case. Here are some basic questions that you may be wondering after being injured from another driver.

If I feel fine, do I need medical attention?

Even if you feel fine after the crash, it is important to get medical help and attention from a physician. During the stresses of the car accident, you may feel fine. Lingering injuries, however, may surface just weeks or months later. If you end up needing compensation for medical bills or lost wages from missed time at work from the accident but didn’t seek medical help right away, this could prove detrimental to your case. Having these medical records can assist with the claims’ process. <

How long does it take to settle a car accident lawsuit?

If you have been injured in a car accident, there are a number of considerations that will impact when your claim is settled. In some situations, the case can be resolved within months. Other times, it may drag on for years. Here are some factors that will impact when your case is resolved:
  • What determinations of fault have been made

  • How damages have been calculated

  • The assessment of how your recovery will proceed

It is likely that your case can be resolved in a short amount of time, but this may restrict you from obtaining the full scope of compensation that you deserve. Going to trial can mean that the case is extended, but that you have the highest opportunity of receiving the full compensation you deserve.

How much can I receive for pain and suffering from a car accident?

Many injuries result in severe suffering for the victim. In many cases, the car accident victim can recover compensation for pain and suffering. The value of these damages will depend on the amount of suffering endured as well as the impact that they had on your life. Our firm can help make a calculation based on the factors associated with your case.

What if the driver who caused the accident doesn’t have insurance?

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and the at-fault driver does not have insurance, your uninsured motorist coverage should kick in. Under California law, every auto insurance company is required to offer uninsured driver coverage for all uninsured motorists. In addition, if the at-fault driver does not have enough coverage, your underinsured motorist coverage should kick in. If you want to file an uninsured motorist claim, you will need to prove that the other driver was at fault and that they were not insured or were underinsured.

What should you have prepared when you speak with a lawyer about your case?

Once you call a lawyer, they will start asking you numerous questions. Knowing what will be asked can help you be prepared, which will ultimately improve your case. Here are some of the questions you will likely be asked:
  • Where did the accident take place?

  • Do you have contact information for the at-fault party?

  • What direction was the other driver going? What direction were you driving?

  • Were there any witnesses present?

  • Did you take any photographs?

  • What injuries were suffered?

Can I use dashcam footage as evidence in my car accident?

If you were utilizing a dash cam while driving, this can absolutely be used as evidence in the investigation of your case. Under California law, you are permitted to use a dashcam recording device in your own vehicle, but it must be in a precise area on the windshield to avoid obstruction. Before offering the video up, however, keep in mind that it can be used against you as much as they can be used for you.

Should I release my medical records to the other driver’s insurance company?

If an insurer obtains your medical data, it can definitely impact your case. Whatever you say or any information you provide to the other insurance company must be discussed with your car accident lawyer prior to any action.

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