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Business professionals often find themselves in controlled office environments during the average workday. While it might seem like the possibility of an on-the-job injury is minimal in such settings, the truth is business professionals can experience a work-related injury just like anyone else in any other career. If something goes wrong and an office worker becomes injured while on the clock, they should be allowed to expect fair financial gains through workers’ compensation benefits until they are fit to work again.

Since many corporate employers like to think it is unreasonable for a business professional to be injured on the job, they may be hesitant to take any workers’ compensation claim seriously. The same can be said of the insurance companies that actually receive and review the claims. To improve your chances of getting the workers’ comp benefits you deserve after an accident in your office, team up with Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP and our Los Angeles workers' compensation lawyers.

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Injuries Suffered by Business Professionals

On a typical day, a business professional can be given a variety of tasks to complete from a supervisor. Higher-ups may even assign those duties to themselves knowing they must get done. In both situations, if an injury occurs while trying to complete those tasks, workers’ compensation should be granted. Liability is not a factor in workers’ compensation cases so it cannot be denied even if the employee admits to causing their own injury by accident.

Injuries a business professional may suffer include:

  • Back injuries from sitting for extended periods of time
  • Electrocution from faulty electronics or wiring
  • Slip and fall injuries due to unkempt floor space

Perhaps the most common work-related injury suffered by a business professional are those related to repetitive stress, or a singular action repeated again and again across many weeks or months. Business professionals who spend each and every day at a computer are prone to developing arthritis or carpal tunnel, each being a form of repetitive stress injuries (RSI). Even though the harm does not occur all at once or even due to an accident, a business professional should still be given workers’ compensation benefits related to an RSI.

Workers’ Compensation for Stress & Mental Conditions

While most workers’ compensation claims involve a physical injury, the benefits can also be extended to employees who have legitimately suffered anxiety, depression, or another psychological condition due to their job duties. Business professionals are often tasked with managing high-stakes accounts, keeping track of complex finances, and meeting strict, short deadlines. Office workers may also need to work on weekends, rarely taking a day off in order to maintain expected productivity.

When all things are considered, working in an office can be extremely stressful to the point of developing a mental illness. Workers’ compensation benefits could be pursued by a business professional if they can prove through a doctor’s diagnosis that they have suffered mentally and emotionally due to their employment.

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Filing a workers’ compensation claim can feel intimidating, especially if your employer is not known for showing compassion for its employees. Business professionals who have been physically or mentally injured on-the-job know they can depend on our Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyers at Levin & Nalbandyan, LLP when they need help the most. Throughout our years of practice and due to our continued efforts to reach professional excellence, we are proud to say we have helped secure millions of dollars for our clients through successful case results.

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