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Repetitive Stress Injuries and Carpal Tunnel

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Not all injuries have an exact start date or event that caused them. In fact, some of the most frustrating and painful injuries are caused by repetitive motions performed at work. Although we have all felt like work can be repetitive at one point or another, some tasks require constant repetition of the same movements. These jobs can cause repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), commonly called carpal tunnel, occurs when the median nerve becomes pinched or squeezed in its housing, the carpal tunnel. This is the narrow passageway (tunnel) that runs along the forearm, through the wrist and to the base of the hand. The tunnel can become thickened from irritation and swelling, causing compression of the nerve.

Other repetitive stress injuries include: tendonitis, bursitis, ganglion cyst and trigger finger. No matter what form of repetitive stress injury you experience, our Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyers can help you recover by providing legal counsel and help with your claim, taking some of the legal stress out of your repetitive stress injury.

What Causes Repetitive Stress Injuries?

Many daily tasks can cause injuries if they are done repetitively and without pause for a length of time. This is why it is so crucial to get up from your desk and step away from your work from time to time to stretch and give your muscles a break. Even the smaller tasks done while sitting at a desk use numerous muscles and require constant strain or motion.

A few common causes for repetitive stress injuries are:

  • Typing and using a computer mouse
  • Grasping tools
  • Sweeping, mopping or raking
  • Cutting hair or using hair tools
  • Training for sports
  • Poor posture held for long periods
  • Driving or delivery working
  • Working as a musician
  • Assembly line work

Our Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Are Here to Help You Get Compensated for Medical Bills and Time Off Work

Repetitive stress injuries like CTS can be exhausting and frustrating. Relief can seem impossible. Don’t let the exhaustion keep you from seeking the help and the workers’ compensation you deserve. Let our team of experienced and passionate Los Angeles work injury lawyers guide you through the claims process and stand by your side as you navigate the legal aspects of your injury.

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